Rude Races

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Grab your weapon and join the battle with Rude Races. If you don't like the rules this game is the correct choice for you. Speed is not the only way to win!

Rude Races is a fast and furious bike racing game inspired by Road Rash with super fun gameplay that is easy to grasp and always challenging!
There are a lot of atv cars with editable body parts, you can modify your atv and go for a hard fight.


- Free.
- No Internet required.
- High quality graphics.
- Lots of unique enemies, weapons and bikes.
- Many levels of various difficulties.
-Challenging missions
- Editable atv parts.

A or left arrow key = move left
D or right arrow key = move right
Space = swing weapon
L-Shift = turn 360
Left-click on the power-up button = use the power-up
X and C keys to use power-up


Action Racing



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